By analyzing and documenting West Michigan jobs and what it takes to succeed at them, JobSync compiles reports that are practical tools to improve recruiting, hiring, training, and career coaching.

Employers obtain resources to write accurate and effective job descriptions and job postings.

Educators gain insights to meet accreditation standards and help their students become qualified for jobs where they can flourish?

Making Data Useful

JobSync provides a common language to connect qualified applicants to occupations where they can thrive. It does this by distilling vast amounts of occupational data into practical, usable formats that are confirmed by local experts. Each report details the activities, tasks, and competencies for high-demand jobs in West Michigan.

What are competencies?

There are two major categories of competencies related to job performance: occupational and foundational. Occupational competencies refer to specific tasks and functions performed at work, such as testing software performance or scheduling appointments. Foundational competencies refer to cognitive, character, and behavioral skills – such as critical thinking and goal-setting.

Where does this information come from?

The process begins with information from the world’s largest occupational database, the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET, which contains decades of data on hundreds of elements for nearly 1,000 occupations.

What are job families?

JobSync groups similar occupations into statistically valid job families most applicable for West Michigan. The reports for each job family compile ratings of foundational competencies, along with occupational competencies, tools, technology and credentials. Each job family contains several closely related occupations.

How are competencies confirmed locally?

Before final reports are published, all findings are methodically reviewed, revised and validated by panels of local experts – people working in these occupations who know firsthand what it takes to succeed. These review sessions are led by specially trained facilitators.

What happens once the reports are confirmed?

Following revisions, reports are published and made available for public use.

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Key Components

Job analysts have complied reports for many job families, encompassing the most in-demand occupations in West Michigan.

Occupational Competencies

The skills and knowledge an individual needs to perform job tasks.

Foundational Competencies

The cognitive, character, and behavioral skills needed to succeed in the role.

Tools & Technology

The equipment and technology that is used in the occupation.

Career Interests Profile

These are based on the occupational information collected by O*NET about preferences for work environments and outcomes. They are based on the model known as RIASEC interests: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, & Conventional.

Typical Credentials

Details are included for the credentials typically required for each occupation in the job family. These are gathered from local employers.

What Will the JobSync Reports Help Me Do?

By providing a common understanding of what it takes to succeed at in-demand jobs in West Michigan, JobSync Reports help:

  • Employers to accurately communicate the competencies for the jobs they need to fill so they can hire the right person, supporting accurate job postings, interview, and selection. This supports better job descriptions, guided interview questions, and improved pre-employment assessments.
  • Educators to meet accreditation standards and help students become qualified for jobs where they flourish
  • With career navigation by providing useful assistance to job seekers to support a deeper dive into career exploration and in finding rewarding careers.